Protect Young Athletes!

Hi pack! So a few days ago on my YouTube channel I introduced something new that I’d like to bring to CoyoteTalks. Just hear me out. So as a Physical Therapist Aide I’ve seen some injuries or have heard of some complaints that can easily be fixed or avoided. It hurts me even more that when these young athletes are finally discharged, they continue to play sports competitively.

So when a couple of people have returned with similar injuries, or sometimes an accident happened that caused the already compromised body part to become worse, it really made me think. Then another young athlete I’ve come across was unable to play for his school team for quite some time simply because he didn’t have prescribed goggles for basketball! Now I understand the struggles of a guardian or parent, but for some kids, sports is the world to them.

So I’d like to use this platform not only to talk sports, but also help those who need certain equipment to play. Simple things such as a knee brace,goggles, mouth-piece, ankle braces, etc can give an athlete more confidence when competing. So I’ve begun a gofundme which you can find here.

Later on I will add a donate button to the website to continuously help one kid at a time feel more comfortable in their desired sport. I will then post receipts of things purchased, and some kind of verification from the athlete so that you all know where your money is going. So let’s make a different pack!!