Isaiah Thomas’s Debut. What To Look Out For

Hey Pack! I hope all is well, and your holidays were spent with your loved ones! Now that you’ve had your time to unwind, it’s now time to talk basketball again. Not on a “professional” level but on an enthusiast level

Yesterday, Isaiah Thomas made his cavaliers debut, and was warmly welcomed by the fans of Cleveland! What’s not to love about the guy, he plays hard, has a big heart, and has proven to be rather loyal to his NBA teams. Many of us was impressed with debut. He was able to put up 17 points in 19 minutes! I’d say he fit in pretty well don’t ya think?

However, I was impressed by his scoring ability, as much as I was with his mental strength/health. Returning to the sport of basketball after any injury is never easy. There’s the possibility of not a physical but mental scar. Many players are able to return, but play with a fear of re-injuring themselves. If you’re as gifted as Isaiah Thomas is,you’re not really worried about his ability to contribute. What you worry about is whether or not he is able to play with the same toughness.

It’s safe to say that Isaiah Thomas was rather confident, and semi-comfortable out there playing again in the NBA. That’s thanks to the organization, and fans making the process as organized,professional, and involved as possible. So shout out to the Cleveland Cavaliers!

We’re all rooting for Mr.4th Quarter. T’is a fun season ahead of us!

The Head Coyote-Let’s Talk About It!

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