Victor Oladipo is quite impressive!

Hey Pack, and  hope you all have enjoyed your holidays! I sure did. I had a day off from work, the blog, lots of food, and lots of competitive gaming with my family. What more can a man ask for? However, today the grind continues with a very interesting topic, as you can see from the title above.

If you are even remotely interested in NBA basketball, you are familiar with Victor Oladipo, and if you’re well aware then you now that Victor Oladipo also sings. (That’s completely irrelevant). The pack should also be aware that Victor Oladipo is putting up all star numbers right now with the revamped Indiana Pacers. He is currently averaging approximately 25 points, 4 assists,5.5 rebounds, which are all well above his career averages.

Victor Oladipo is a competitive player who seems to truly enjoy playing basketball every single night, and it’s exciting to watch. He’s handling being the go to guy very well, and has found his footing in the NBA. I will not say he is underrated simply because I don’t believe all because you’re performing better than expected means you’re better than projected. You’re supposed to get better throughout your career, whether than means becoming more skilled offensively or having a better basketball IQ.

Neverthless, Victor Oladipo is definitely a player to watch this season, and he’s expected to blossom even more, should he stay in Indiana. Of course I’d like to hear your opinions down below so get right to it!#LetsTalkAboutIt.

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