Brandon Ingram is a Liability?

Hey Pack!

Today we will be talking about Brandon Ingram’s value to the Los Angeles Lakers. After watching last night’s game, that resulted in  Golden State Warriors win, there is a lot of things I’ve noticed on his behalf. Of course by now you all know that there is nobody I’d rather talk to about this stuff than you guys!

I quickly noticed that Kyle Kuzma’s value seems to have surpassed that of Brandon Ingram. BI reminds me of an only kid who gets all the love ,and attention from both mom and dad, only to find out that he has a baby brother on the way. The once only kid was troublesome, but full of potential, however his now new baby brother has just as much potential minus the troublesome. Who’s now the favorite?

Brandon Ingram’s effort is questionable, and is cruising along strictly based off of his talent. The deficiencies in his game, and effort is now under a magnifying glass with Kuzma’s talent being shown. Ingram has been giving minimal effort on defense, which is just average, and that’s only because of his physical features in his favor defensively. His offense game is very predictable, and has been exposed in countless games, with his erratic style of play, and straight line drives to the basket. Those who catch on rather fast, meet him at the remind seemingly on CUE!

That’s just my take on things guys, I’m very interested in what you all have to say. So comment down below, and share this post with friends to see what they have to say about things. Thanks for the continued support! #LetsTalkAboutIt

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