Why Do You Watch Basketball?

Hey pack. As I was was on my way home today from helping a good friend of mine with his basketball team, a question dawned upon me. Not the generic “Why did I start playing basketball?” , but what makes me watch basketball? Have you all every wondered the answer to that question, or even ever been asked? Yeah….I thought so.

So i’ll start. I’ve began watching basketball simply because I, theheadcoyote, enjoy watching the game evolve, and seeing the new waves of players make their mark. It absolutely fascinates me to see how much the game has changed, and I’m always on the lookout as to who will be the next unicorn, or who will revolutionize the way a certain position plays.

We have Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kristaps Porzingod, Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, all having unorthodox ways of playing their positions. Down below I’d like for you all to tell me why you guys watch basketball. Is it just for entertainment, learning, nothing better on TV, you have a favorite player? I’m excited to see your comments! #LetsTalkAboutIt!


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