3 Point Shot Ruining The NBA?

Hey pack! Today I briefly wanted to get your opinions on the current state of the NBA. More importantly the effect the 3 point shot as has thus far. Now the question is whether or not this effect is positive or negative. We also must view things from a business standpoint where, we must consider if the rise of 3 point shooting is better for entertainment.

If you watch NBA basketball you’ve definitely noticed that everybody….I mean everybody taking 3 point shots. It’s extremely contagious. We now see players whom have never even attempted 3 point jumpers taking them now. For basketball enthusiasts, and those who enjoyed the “old-version” of basketball where each position had a very position specific skill-set, this is extremely depressing to watch. However, none of us will admit it is a bit entertaining seeing people add in the 3 point shot.

The problem is, we’re used to seeing bigs be bigs, and guards be guards. It’s hard to believe that there was even a time where people we had guards who literally were only to shoot the 3 ball. They wouldn’t be caught dead dribbling. Now we have Centers, and Power Forwards pushing the ball in a fast break , and stopping at the 3 point line for a jump shot. “Banging down low” is now a thing of the past in these evolved version of basketball.

However, this isn’t about me. It’s about the pack! How do you guys feel about the new version of 3 point shooting? Make sure to share this article to your friends to get their opinions as well! Also, comment down below so that we can discuss it. #LetsTalkAboutIt.


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