Unpopular Opinions (Zion Williamson)

Hey Pack! I’ve come here today to mention something that some of you may or may not know. That something is “unpopular opinions”. You know…those opinions pertaining to basketball that you may have, that you probably don’t want to say due to the fact that it isn’t what the majority is saying. Think about it just for a second.

Michael Jordan was convinced that Kwame Brown would be an elite player in the NBA despite what others may have said. Those whom are able to stick by the opinions, and support them in the slightest way are to be commended, and respected. So I’m going to go ahead and say that Zion Williams will not have a super impact if he makes it to the NBA.  He may just be average in high school.

Here’s what a lot of people fail to realize. Zion Williamson is uber athletic I give him that, however there’s no way we can say he’s our next big superstar. He may just be a superstar athlete, which is very different from being a superstar NBA player. His jump shot is questionable at best, and all because we have seen him knock a couple down doesn’t mean he’s a sniper in any way. In the NCAA the players are bigger, better disciplined, and more athletic. They’re IQ is far greater than the competition we have seen Zion face.

Now his athleticism is to commended since we haven’t seen an athlete of his caliber in quite some time. But, looking at him as a whole basketball player, and the competition we have seen his highlights against, doesn’t give me enough confidence to even go ahead and say send this guy straight to the NBA.

Whether you agree or disagree share this article to see what a friends says. We may just be surprised. Don’t forget to comment down below your opinions, i’ll be sure to respond. #LetsTalkAboutIt.


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