Joel Embiid is what the NBA Needs?

Joel Embiid is undoubtedly a Future All Star, top 20 players in the league, top 5 Centers in the League, and an outgoing gentleman. If this young center remains healthy, and continues to love the game, as well as remain open to knowledge, he has the potential to become the face of the NBA. Does he remind you of anybody?! I know who….SHAQ! His personality, the way he wants to get the ground involved, the dominance, all are traits that the Hall of Famer Shaq possessed. The attention he draws to the NBA, controversial or not is great for the organization.

He openly challenges anybody, and everybody, and he is also the guy that everybody wants to shut up. Thanks to all these characteristics of Embiid, his competitors also go at him a little harder than they would anybody else. Joel Embiid is exactly the kind of Player and personality the league needed!

Now if you disagree be sure to comment down below your thoughts. Share this post to your friends, and see their opinions as well!


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